An Eye For Detail, A Heart For Love…

For years I got a kick out of organising corporate events, sorting luxury travel arrangements for important clients, and making sure everything I was involved with included a wealth of thoughtfully designed and meticulously planned details. 

Details make me SO happy, and my love of organising and keeping things in order has often been the source of smiles among my friends. They love my levels of perfectionism because they know that an invite to my house for dinner means a beautifully curated table, and something delicious served with a flourish! I love to make other people happy, whether that’s through a job well done, a home-cooked meal, a thoughtfully chosen little gift or a bear hug at the end of the day. 

My background is in planning events in the world of fashion.

Moving into the world of detail-driven destination wedding planning, and being able to play a part in my couples’ happiest celebrations and most magical moments is therefore the perfect combination of head and heart for me. It’s a job that never feels like work, and I absolutely love it!



Having me on your team means breathing a sigh of relief.

I want you to be able to really enjoy your engagement, and relax knowing that everything is under control. I work with wedding venues and vendors across the Mediterranean and further afield for my tropical Indian Ocean destinations, and my client base is international too, so I am used to working with different time zones and conducting calls and meetings over Zoom and Skype. We will work closely side by side: you tell me your dreams, and I will work hard to make them real with research, creativity, determination and organisation. 

Whether you’ve booked my Full Wedding Planning and Design Service, my Fashion Consultation Service, my Luxe Honeymoon Planning Service or a combination of all three, I guarantee you a calm, communicative and collaborative experience, and a warm, vibrant destination wedding celebration that’s filled with the people and the things you love.

Ready to plan?

We are the music makers
And we are the dreamers of dreams.

– Arthur O’Shaughnessy

I can’t wait to chat with you and start our planning adventure together. In the meantime, here are a few little snapshots of my life and favourite things to help you get to know me better.

Facts and Favourites


Family is the most important thing to me.



I dream of one day being a mother, and building a small but valuable life full of experiences and precious memories for my children. 

I’m learning lots about centring myself, tapping gently into my spiritual side. I’ve found real harmony through lithotherapy – discovering how crystals can be healing for the mind and the soul.


All things Italian



I’m head over heels for all things Italian, and would love to live in Rome one day. Imagine me in a sunny piazza tucking into a bowl of cacio e pepe, with a glass of something bubbly to toast with!

When it comes to games, I’m super competitive. I really love Escape Rooms and feel like they should be a recognised sport.

Clémence x

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